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Volunteers come from many different backgrounds and have a variety of reasons for giving back. Perhaps you have been inspired by a Volunteer Service Award honoree experience. Maybe you are job hunting and you have learned how volunteering can be a path to employment.  Perhaps you want to be a role model in your family!  Or, with the arrival of fall, you have decided it is the right time to get involved.

Whatever your inspiration, we want to warmly welcome you!  Without caring community members like you, our region would not be the wonderful place it is to live, work and play.  Now let’s explore your volunteer options…

No Plans this Weekend? Click VolunteerNow!
Looking for a volunteer opportunity? Search Volunteer Now! an online database that allows you to search for opportunities based on your location, interest, and skills. It is simple to start.  Find an opportunity and get started!

Let’s Hear it for Family Volunteering! Click Events
Volunteer Fairfax regular hosts special events promoting volunteerism that are designed for families with school age children.  Look for Give Together on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day in January and VolunteerFest in October.  Family volunteering is a great opportunity for quality family time while teaching the lesson of service.

Busy Working Adult? Click Volunteers for Change
We know about all the grown up things you have to do! Work. School. Home. Family. Pets. That is why Volunteers for Change is perfect for you.  Flexible opportunities on weekends or in the evenings are designed for busy, busy people like you.  Service you can fit into your life!

Are 55+ or Better?  Click RSVP your invitation to serve
Studies show that volunteering helps us to live longer, more meaningful lives. In addition, with RSVP you can utilize the skills you have spent a lifetime honing, or you can learn new skills, meet new friends and start a new chapter!  It’s not the Peace Corp.  It’s service right here in your neighborhood.

Got Youth? Click Youth Directory Volunteer for Individuals
If you have teens, you know it’s coming! The panic when your child realizes he/she has not fulfilled the school requirement for service learning.  Volunteer Fairfax makes it easy with year-round opportunities available through our Directory of Youth Service Opportunities.  The directory is available at all Fairfax County Public Libraries and online here.  It is our hope that your child find volunteering fun and fulling and not just a requirement!

Your Company Seeking to be a Good Neighbor? Click BusinessLink
We are so proud to work alongside area for-profits to meet important community needs.  Whether your company is 50 people or 10,000, our project management staff can help you meet your corporate social responsibility goals based on your corporation’s desired impact areas. Let’s do lunch!

Volunteer for IndividualsSeeking High Level Volunteer Commitment? Click BoardLink
If you are ready to serve on a Board for a regional nonprofit, we can help match you to the organization that speaks to your heart.  This is a personal service that will follow you through orientation, application, placement and post placement checkups. 

You can learn more about our programs using the menu to the left. You can also locate information based on your needs using the Fast Links to the right.

Questions? Contact us! Volsrus@volunteerfairfax.org or 703.246.3460.